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McArthurMorgan offer multiple AAT courses in both Bookkeeping and Accounting:

  • Level 1 in Bookkeeping: This Level 1 qualification is suited to people no accounts knowledge and who are new or who are returning to study after a long break.
  • Level 2 in Bookkeeping: This Level 2 qualification is suited to people with some bookkeeping knowledge, work or interest in bookkeeping.
  • Level 3 in Bookkeeping: This qualification is suited to to people who currently work in bookkeeping and are and are wanting to formalise their qualifications in bookkeeping.
  • Level 2 in Accounting: This would suit people with no accountancy knowledge and those who currently work in a finance function and want to understand the underpinning theory.
  • Level 3 in Accounting: This would suit those with a knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping.
  • Level 4 in Accounting: We would recommend only those with an accounting degree gained in the UK to enter direct to level 4.

Visit the course page and make an enquiry using the form provided or call on 0203 9558887 to book over the phone.

We will have courses starting for various units throughout the year. Subject to the AAT’s guidance about certain units that must be sat before others, you should never be more than 4 weeks away from being able to start an AAT course with McArthurMorgan.

You may start Level 2 without any prior qualifications.

The price includes all of your tuition, revision, marking of practice mocks together with the provision of all study materials used throughout the course.

The CBT assessment fee is NOT included in the price of the course. AAT registration fees are also not included.

Due to the flexible nature of our course structures a student can complete the whole AAT within 18 months or take over 3 years – the choice is yours!


If you are paying your own course fees, then let us help ease the financial burden, by giving you a free instalment option.

After payment of a deposit on enrolment (to cover the cost of materials), the remaining balance can be spread over the duration of your course.

Fees Overview


  • The AAT has over 120,000 members and students worldwide.
  • The AAT is internationally recognised.
  • The AAT is sponsored by ICAEW, CIMA, ICAS and CIPFA. All give generous exemptions should you wish to continue with your studies.
  • The AAT qualification is always in demand by employers.
  • The AAT award a certificate on successful completion of each level. Each level is a qualification in its own right.

Our tutors and customer services team will advise you how to register with the AAT on the first day of your course.

You can register online with the AAT.

Please ensure you give them McArthurMorgan’s Approved Assessment Centre Code (AAC) which is BH10429.

Please note that registering with the AAT is your responsibility.

You will need paper, different colour pens and highlighters, and a calculator.

Our students receive AAT study materials, which match the latest AAT syllabus. All our AAT study materials are exam focused and very student friendly.

You will receive study workbooks, student notes, revision notes and practice questions in the style of the Computer Based Tests (CBTs).

If phone communication isn’t your preference, we’re readily available through email to handle any inquiries or difficulties. For insights into the experiences of our former students, the McArthur Morgan Reviews page offers a collection of testimonials and feedback. For detailed information regarding the duration of support beyond the initial interaction, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.


All of the units covered by the AAT will be assessed via Computer Based Test (CBT) at a our London AAT Approved Test Centre or at a test centre more convenient to you.

Our Tuition and Revision Phases are designed to be seamless. The Tuition Phase will give you the knowledge and reinforce it through question practice. You will then perfect your skills in the Revision Phase.

Each revision course ends with a full mock exam, to ensure you are ready to cope with the real exam.

Students need to be registered with the AAT before they attempt their first assessment.

Students will receive an informal indication of their result immediately after attempting an exam for most of the AAT modules covered at Levels 2 & 3. A formal result will be notified to them by the AAT shortly after sitting the exam.

The Using Accountancy Software module within Level 2 and the Synoptic Assessments at each level takes up to 6 weeks before results are released by the AAT.

All Level 4 exams take approximately 6 weeks to mark by the AAT. An instantaneous result is not possible currently at this level since all CBA’s will include extended written tasks and these will still be marked by AAT markers.

Students will be able to sit a retake with McArthurMorgan (if relevant) after a cooling off period (3 working days) of their previous attempt.


Due to the flexible nature of our course structures a student can complete the whole AAT within 18 months or take over 3 years – the choice is yours!

When you complete the AAT Accounting Qualification Level 4 you can:

  • Apply to become a full member of the AAT. This allows the use of the letters MAAT after your name.
  • Continue with your accountancy studies. All the major institutes (ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA, etc.) offer generous exemptions for AAT qualified students.
  • You can use your AAT qualification to gain entry onto many university accountancy and business degree courses.
  • You can become a self-employed accountant either in the UK or abroad.

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