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AAT Level 3:

Online learning &
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AAT Courses: Campus-Plus – Level 3 Bookkeeping

Effective training programmes often require both e-learning and classroom-based training to be successful. Classroom training and e-learning both have their advantages and disadvantages. Optimal training programmes blend these two training methods to take advantage of their respective strengths. The result is more efficient and effective training.

McArthurMorgan Campus-Plus is an approach to your AAT studies that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods.

What is Campus-Plus?

You will gain access to the distance learning element via our online learning platform, allowing you to receive help from tutors and your fellow students.

You will also attend our “brick-and-mortar” campus at the University of Law in central London, with a teacher present for both face-to-face classroom in-person lessons, as well as one-to-one tutorials with your tutor.

This allows you to benefit from the sense of cohesion and support that a physical classroom naturally provides, providing a sense of community and support.

Who’s it for?

This is the perfect option if you want the flexibility of distance learning to fit around your life or to learn at your own pace, but also need the structure and support of a face-to-face classroom environment, so that you can feel supported and be successful in your studies. This means that you can get the best of both worlds; face-to-face teaching and digital learning.

Initial e-learning can better prepare learners for the classroom experience. Classroom time is reserved for more meaningful exercises, getting you better equipped for the real exam itself.

Now is a good time to prepare and improve your CV with the skills and qualifications valued by potential employers.


AAT Level 3: Certificate in Bookkeeping

Key Features

The Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping covers the following:

  • The preparation of information required to prepare a final set of accounts for sole-traders and partnerships
  • Indirect tax returns
  • Payroll

Who’s it suitable for?

This level will be completed by students with previous study specific to accounting. If you begin studying for your AAT qualification from Level 3 you will be expected to demonstrate an aptitude for the main areas covered within the Foundation Certificate in Accounting level bookkeeping modules.

We would expect this qualification to take five months to complete for most students or three months on a fast-track basis.


There are two assessments in total, which you will sit at our AAT accredited exam centre. If you are commutable to London you are very welcome to sit your exams with us.

There are two individual unit assessments which test a specific unit.

  • Tax Processes for Businesses
  • Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements

Grow your career

Receive formal recognition for the skills you are using day to day to move up the ladder at work.

You’ll be better off

Study AAT rather than going to University, obtain your qualifications quicker, don’t end up with loads of debt.

Start your career

Gain highly transferable skills in bookkeeping, accounting and taxation, with an AAT qualification.

Increase your salary

Average basic salaries of AAT members increase as they progress through their different stages of membership.

Why McArthurMorgan?


All course delegates receive a set of course notes, study manuals, question banks and a multitude of course mock exams


All staff are qualified accountants. Tutor support is offered across all subjects with no self-study necessary


One-off payments or installments throughout the course with a deposit


We only deliver the AAT (unlike other colleges) making us experts in both delivery and customer care in our qualification

Brandon Yeadon Photo-1

Brandon Y

“The skills and training I received from their tutors meant that I passed my exams with little stress and amazing results.”


Bianca M

“Thanks to McArthurMorgan I have my own Accountancy Practice. We are growing since 2014, it is a challenge but I love it every day.”

AAT Level 3: Certificate in Bookkeeping – Course Details

  • Understanding VAT regulations
  • Understanding VAT schemes for new business start-ups and smaller businesses
  • Completing VAT returns accurately and on time
  • Overseas Aspects of VAT
  • Understanding VAT penalties and adjusting for previous errors
  • Communicating VAT information
  • Understanding and Operating Payroll for Businesses
  • Understanding accepted principles of accounting and double-entry bookkeeping
  • Understanding accounting methods of recording non-current assets
  • Accounting for year end accounting adjustments including accruals, prepayments, depreciation, bad debts and stock accounting
  • Preparing an extended trial balance
  • Understanding the process involved in preparing final accounts
  • Preparing accounting records from incomplete information
  • Producing final accounts for sole traders
  • Understanding partnerships’ legislative and accounting requirements
  • Preparing a statement of profit or loss appropriation account
  • Preparing a financial position statement relating to a partnership
  • Preparing and Interpreting Financial Ratios

AAT Level 3: Certificate in Bookkeeping – Campus-Plus Timetable & Fees

Standard Course

McArthurMorgan AAT Approved Qualification

Tuesday – Daytime


10:30 - 13:30

Start Date

4th June 2024

End Date

February 2025




Monthly Instalment

8 x £50

McArthurMorgan AAT Approved Qualification

Tuesday – Evening


18:00 - 21:00

Start Date

4th June 2024

End Date

February 2025




Monthly Instalment

8 x £50

McArthurMorgan AAT Approved Qualification

Saturday – Daytime


10:00 - 13:00

Start Date

1st June 2024

End Date

February 2025




Monthly Instalment

8 x £50

What is included in the course price?

The course fee encompasses all aspects of your learning experience with McArthurMorgan, including tuition, revision sessions, evaluation of practice mock exams, and all study materials required for the duration of the course.

Are there additional costs?

Upon completing your studies with McArthurMorgan, many students opt to undertake the official AAT CBA Assessment at a local AAT Approved Assessment Centre and also register with the AAT to formalise their qualification.

  • The CBA assessment incurs a fee payable to your chosen Assessment Centre. The cost of the CBA fee depends on the course level of the assessment. This is not included in your course tuition fees.
    Level 1  - approx £80*
    Level 2-4  - approx £please get in touch
    These prices are provided only as a guide. Contact your chosen Assessment Centre for their current rates.

  • The AAT registration fee is paid directly to the AAT. The registration fee depends on the qualification and is not included in your course tuition fees.
    Level 1 Bookkeeping - £45*
    Level 2-4 - £please get in touch

    Please note. If you are taking multiple course exams, such as our combined courses, you will need a CBA and AAT registration for each level of the course.

Payment Options

Single Payment: You have the option to pay the entire course fee in one full payment.

Spread the Payments: For some courses, we offer the flexibility to spread the cost of your tuition over several months. The course details will specify the monthly rate and the maximum duration for payments. For instance, if a course is priced at £500 with a payment plan of £100 deposit and £100 for 4 months, the total amount payable for the course remains £500, spread over a maximum period of 5 months. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 0%

The 0% Payment Plan is an internal arrangement offered by McArthurMorgan, without the involvement of any external financial providers. This option is exclusively available for the tuition fees of McArthurMorgan courses.

*Correct at time of publication. CBA assessment and AAT registration fees are subject to change. Visit the AAT website for more information.

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