Study Accounting at a Dedicated AAT College

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Great Learning Experience

Interacting with our highly experienced, fully qualified team of tutors, will ensure you are highly motivated to get started and develop the relevant habits to keep you going and set-up for a bright future.

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UK’s Dedicated AAT Course College

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Central London Location

Our physical location is less than 5 minutes walk from Old Street, Barbican, Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations, London. This makes us a great place to attend lessons in the classroom at our AAT college and test centre. As well as our in-classroom ‘Campus Plus‘ courses, we offer classes via Distance Learning Plus – ‘Live Online – video conferencing virtual classes with the same tutors and remote students, or via our pre-recorded ‘On-demand‘ video learning.

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Modern Classrooms

Our bright, modern training rooms are all equipped with the latest technological teaching equipment delivered in spacious, quiet surroundings.

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Networking Opportunities

Studying in a classroom or virtual classroom environment helps our students and tutors to know each other in a better manner. This allows teachers to understand their students and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses better, to act as mentors and guide students in their career possibilities.

Wrap around student care

You will become one of our student community, enabling you to interact directly with your tutor, making your learning experience highly personable. Regular attendance to our training classes, whether at our physical college or our virtual classes, helps our students to interact with other like-minded individuals, be better disciplined to follow a regular schedule and ultimately to complete the qualification.

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