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AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting – On Demand

Take your career forward from the comfort of your home with our entirely online AAT Level 4 ‘On-Demand’ Accountancy course.
  • Engage in comprehensive online learning, accessible from any location on your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.
  • Enjoy complete flexibility with a study plan you can tailor to your lifestyle.
  • Experience unlimited, personalised tutor support on demand, available whenever you require it.

Flexible AAT Level 4 ‘On-demand’

Our AAT Level 4 ‘on-demand’ courses have been designed with a flexibility that moulds around your schedule and lifestyle. Study at your convenience, at a pace that suits you, and opt to take your exams when you’re feeling thoroughly prepared. Whether it’s brief revision periods during busy times or full-day sessions when you’re free, our ‘on-demand’ courses adapt to your timetable, making it easy to fit your studies into your free time.

During your learning journey, you’ll be paired with a dedicated AAT tutor who will provide you with personalised support, teaching, and guidance. Plus, you’ll have full access, seven days a week, to our team of highly qualified, seasoned tutors and course advisors. These industry professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and use a blend of modern and traditional teaching methods to cater to all student needs.

Our confidence in your success is so strong that we offer this support until you achieve your AAT qualification – there’s no rush; we’ll be here for you!

As an ‘on-demand’ online distance learning student at McArthur Morgan, we equip you with all the tools you need to progress confidently with your AAT Level 4 course. Our goal is to ensure that you can obtain your AAT qualification in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

We will provide you with:

As part of your ‘on-demand’ distance learning experience with McArthur Morgan, we furnish you with everything you need to confidently progress with your AAT Level 4 course. This includes:

  • our complete range of market-leading study materials, both online and delivered directly to your home
  • AAT Level 4 books, study texts, a revision kit question bank, and mock exams covering every aspect of your studies, from learning the syllabus to exam preparation
  • access to our ‘on-demand’ pre-recorded lecture videos, offering comprehensive coverage of all necessary techniques across the entire syllabus for each module

Our commitment to delivering the best ‘value for money’ is clear in our competitively priced packages. With 0% interest-free finance options available (from as little as £50 per month), we also offer a price match guarantee!

When you choose to study with us, you’ll find our team welcoming and helpful, fostering a supportive environment for all students. Expect constructive feedback, limitless guidance, and steadfast support, helping you to achieve your AAT qualification in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.


AAT Level 4: Professional Diploma in Accounting

Key Features

The AAT Level 4 subjects and mandatory areas:

  • Drafting financial statements for all business types including limited companies
  • Management accounting- budgeting
  • Management accounting – monitoring financial performance
  • Understanding the use of internal control systems and accounting systems

Two optional units must be chosen from the following:

  • Personal tax
  • Business tax
  • Credit Management
  • External Auditing
  • Cash and Treasury Management

Who’s it suitable for?

AAT Level 4 Entry Requirements: The final level of the qualification is for people who have previously completed the Level 3 stage of the qualification or who have an Accounts related degree. On completion of the Level 4 Diploma candidates will be able to apply for full membership to the AAT. We would expect this qualification to take 9-12 months to complete for most students.


All of the units covered by the AAT will be assessed via Computer Based Test (CBT) at our AAT accredited exam centre:

There are individual unit assessments which test a specific unit:

  • Drafting and Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Applied Management Accounting
  • Internal Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Plus 2 optional papers

From a choice of:

  • Personal Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Credit and Debt Management
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Cash and Financial Management

Grow your career

Receive formal recognition for the skills you are using day to day to move up the ladder at work.

You’ll be better off

Study AAT rather than going to University, obtain your qualifications quicker, don’t end up with loads of debt.

Start your career

Gain highly transferable skills in bookkeeping, accounting and taxation, with an AAT qualification.

Increase your salary

Average basic salaries of AAT members increase as they progress through their different stages of membership.

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Brandon Yeadon

“The skills and training I received from their tutors meant that I passed my exams with little stress and amazing results.”


Bianca Moisa

“Thanks to McArthurMorgan I have my own Accountancy Practice. We are growing since 2014, it is a challenge but I love it every day.”

Why study AAT distance learning ‘On Demand’ with McArthurMorgan?

Study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace

Learn anywhere
At this moment in time, this is likely to be from your own home, but in other ‘normal times’ you might wish to study from your office, your local park, in a cafe, or whilst traveling on public transport.

Learn anytime
This is likely to be from your own home, office, your local park, in a cafe, or whilst traveling on public transport. The decision is yours.

Learn at your own pace
Whether you fast-track your course (because you are a fast learner working to a tight schedule) or take it slow (to fit in busy weeks and holidays) – the choice is all yours with our fully flexible ‘on demand’ online courses.

On Demand vs Live Online – Which one is best for me?

On Demand vs Live Online

Which one is best for me

Flexibility: With On Demand you can study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere on any device.For those relatively new to online learning and for people who would benefit from the motivation that a professional tutor provides: Live Online courses are delivered by our team of highly experienced, fully qualified accountancy tutors. They give you a structured classroom course, motivating you to stay focussed and on track to success.
Lower cost: On Demand courses are lower in cost compared to Live Online.Complete the course in less time: Live Online fast track courses allow you to qualify in a fraction of the time compared to On Demand courses.
Suitable for distance learning students who are: Experienced independent learners; Self-motivated and have a disciplined approach to learning.More likely to complete the course: With Live Online courses our tutors will motivate you to complete the course. Completion rates are higher than On Demand courses – we regularly achieve 100% pass rates!
Achieve better grades: You are more likely to achieve higher grades (merits and distinctions) on a Live Online course, compared to On Demand courses.
Networking opportunities: You will have the opportunity to network with your peer group and with McArthur Morgan clients.
Real life application: On a Live Online course you will be taught real life application of accountancy, which isn’t possible with On Demand courses.
A more proactive approach: Encouraging you to be accountable for fulfilling your potential. It gives us a greater opportunity to make an impact on your professional life.
The best of both worlds: On a Live Online course you will receive all the materials from our On Demand course, including the pre-recorded video recordings. Live Online offers you flexibility within the classroom structure, allowing you to move between day, evening and weekend sessions, which we would actively encourage you to do. Plus full access to the live recordings from the Live Online classes for every module.

Like the sound of On Demand? Great, you’re on the right path, keep reading. Think Live Online might suit your learning style better?Find out more here Find out more

At McArthur Morgan, we solely offer AAT qualifications, which sets us apart from other colleges and makes us specialists in course delivery and student support. Each student gets a pack containing course notes, AAT Level 4 books, study guides, question banks, and a wealth of mock exams to ensure you’re fully prepared.


All our staff are qualified accountants, with over 15 years of teaching experience. With the highest level of experience at getting 1000’s of students through all levels of AAT qualifications.


We offer 100% interest-free payment plans on all our courses, with an affordable low initial deposit. Helping you spread the cost your course. No third-party finance – everything is managed in-house by us – with no credit checks.


We believe we’ve got the best value for money for our On Demand Distance Learning Courses in the country. But just in case, we’ll match any online AAT provider’s price, so you can learn with total flexibility and get the best deal on the market.

AAT Level 4: Professional Diploma in Accounting – Course Details

  • Understanding the regulatory framework underpinning financial reporting
  • Understanding key features of published financial statements
  • Drafting a limited company’s statutory financial statements
  • Drafting consolidated financial statements
  • Interpreting financial statements using ratio analysis
  • Preparing budgets and income and expenditure forecasts
  • Assessing budgetary impact of internal and external factors
  • Using budgetary control to improve organisational performance
  • Collating and analysing cost information from various sources
  • Measuring performance and managing costs appropriately
  • Making suggestions for improving financial performance by monitoring and analysing information
  • Preparing performance reports for management
  • Understanding the importance and use of internal control systems
  • Evaluating the accounting system and identifying areas for improvement
  • Conducting ethical and sustainability evaluations of accounting systems
  • Making recommendations to improve the accounting system

AAT Level 4: Professional Diploma in Accounting – Optional Units

  • Calculating income from all sources and identifying taxable and non-taxable items
  • Applying current legislation to calculate tax payable on income for employees, shareholders and buy to let investors
  • Accounting for capital gains tax according to current legislation
  • Accounting for inheritance tax according to current legislation
  • Completing corporation tax returns and supporting computations for incorporated businesses
  • Understanding impact of legislation and legislative changes
  • Understanding tax law and its implications for incorporated/unincorporated business
  • Understanding taxation of assets
  • Understanding relevant legislation and impact on credit management.
  • Using information from a various sources to grant customers’ credit within organisational guidelines
  • Using a range of techniques for debt collection
  • Monitoring and controlling credit supply
  • Planning an audit identifying areas for verification and associated risks
  • Conducting a supervised audit
  • Preparing draft reports for approval
  • Understanding auditing principles and legal and professional standards required for an external auditor
  • Using statistical techniques and financial information to prepare income and expenditure forecasts.
  • Preparing cash to monitor an organisation’s cash flow
  • Managing cash balances effectively
  • Investing surplus funds, observing organisational policies

AAT Level 4 Costs: Professional Diploma in Accounting – Fees

Level 4
Professional Diploma in Accounting




Monthly Instalments - Option 1

7 x £100

Monthly Instalments - Option 2

14 x £50

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