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AAT Courses: Campus-Plus – Bookkeeping Level 2

The most impactful training modules combine the strengths of both online instruction and traditional classroom settings. While each method has its pros and cons, the synergy of their integration maximises their collective benefits, resulting in a streamlined and enhanced learning experience.

McArthurMorgan Campus-Plus offers a blended approach to your AAT studies, seamlessly integrating online learning resources with interactive digital engagements and complementing them with conventional classroom techniques.

What does Campus-Plus entail?

Enrollees gain entry to our online platform, which facilitates remote learning. This portal fosters connectivity, allowing interactions with instructors and peer learners.

Moreover, learners have the opportunity to immerse themselves in our physical learning environment located at the University of Law in the heart of London. Here, participants benefit from structured in-person sessions led by seasoned educators, complemented by personalised tutor guidance.

Such a combination promotes a sense of belonging and camaraderie, fostering a nurturing academic community.

Who should opt for this?

Campus-Plus emerges as an ideal choice for those seeking the adaptability of online education tailored to their schedules or learning rates, yet yearning for the stability and mentorship that traditional classrooms bring. It smoothly bridges online tools with in-person guidance.

Starting with online prep can set a solid groundwork, ensuring that classroom interactions focus on in-depth discussions and exercises, thoroughly preparing you for the actual examination.


AAT Level 2: Certificate in Bookkeeping

Key Features

The Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping covers the following areas:

  • Double entry bookkeeping to initial trial balance stage and includes sales ledger and purchase ledger

Who’s it suitable for?

  • People with limited or no accounts knowledge.
  • This course is suitable as entry level for further study or as a beginners course in bookkeeping
  • Unqualified accounting staff who want to enhance their foundation knowledge and skills
  • Employers looking to up-skill their staff
  • People looking to change their careers
  • Some students will use this qualification to gain quick access to the Level 3

We would expect this qualification to take 3 months to complete for most students.

Grow your career

Receive formal recognition for the skills you are using day to day to move up the ladder at work.

You’ll be better off

Study AAT rather than going to University, obtain your qualifications quicker, don’t end up with loads of debt.

Start your career

Gain highly transferable skills in bookkeeping, accounting and taxation, with an AAT qualification.

Increase your salary

Average basic salaries of AAT members increase as they progress through their different stages of membership.


There are two assessments in total which you will sit at our AAT accredited exam centre.

They are both individual unit assessments which test a specific unit.

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Principles of Bookkeeping Controls
Brandon Yeadon Photo-1

Brandon Y

“The skills and training I received from their tutors meant that I passed my exams with little stress and amazing results.”


Bianca M

“Thanks to McArthurMorgan I have my own Accountancy Practice. We are growing since 2014, it is a challenge but I love it every day.”

Why McArthurMorgan?


All course delegates receive a set of course notes, study manuals, question banks and a multitude of course mock exams


All staff are qualified accountants. Tutor support is offered across all subjects with no self-study necessary


One-off payments or installments throughout the course with a deposit


We only deliver the AAT (unlike other colleges) making us experts in both delivery and customer care in our qualification

AAT Level 2: Certificate in Bookkeeping – Course Details

  • Understanding financial transactions within a bookkeeping ledger system up to the trial balance
  • Processing customer transactions – Sales Ledger
  • Processing supplier transactions – Purchases or Bought Ledger
  • Understanding basic VAT
  • Dealing with Accounting Documentation
  • Understanding controls in a bookkeeping system
  • Understanding the purpose and use of control accounts and journals
  • Reconciling a bank statement with the cash book
  • Understanding the banking process and main services of banks and building societies and payment methods
  • Understanding requirements of retention and storage relating to banking documents

AAT Level 2: Certificate in Bookkeeping – Campus-Plus Fees & Timetable

Standard Course

McArthurMorgan AAT Approved Qualification

Monday – Daytime


10:30 - 13:30

Start Date

29th April 2024

End Date

July 2024




Monthly Instalment

3 x £100

McArthurMorgan AAT Approved Qualification

Monday – Evening


18:00 - 21:00

Start Date

29th April 2024

End Date

July 2024




Monthly Instalment

3 x £100

McArthurMorgan AAT Approved Qualification

Saturday – Daytime


10:00 - 13:00

Start Date

27th April 2024

End Date

July 2024




Monthly Instalment

3 x £100

What is included in the course price?

The course fee encompasses all aspects of your learning experience with McArthurMorgan, including tuition, revision sessions, evaluation of practice mock exams, and all study materials required for the duration of the course.

Are there additional costs?

Upon completing your studies with McArthurMorgan, many students opt to undertake the official AAT CBA Assessment at a local AAT Approved Assessment Centre and also register with the AAT to formalise their qualification.

  • The CBA assessment incurs a fee payable to your chosen Assessment Centre. The cost of the CBA fee depends on the course level of the assessment. This is not included in your course tuition fees.
    Level 1  - approx £80*
    Level 2-4  - approx £please get in touch
    These prices are provided only as a guide. Contact your chosen Assessment Centre for their current rates.

  • The AAT registration fee is paid directly to the AAT. The registration fee depends on the qualification and is not included in your course tuition fees.
    Level 1 Bookkeeping - £45*
    Level 2-4 - £please get in touch

    Please note. If you are taking multiple course exams, such as our combined courses, you will need a CBA and AAT registration for each level of the course.

Payment Options

Single Payment: You have the option to pay the entire course fee in one full payment.

Spread the Payments: For some courses, we offer the flexibility to spread the cost of your tuition over several months. The course details will specify the monthly rate and the maximum duration for payments. For instance, if a course is priced at £500 with a payment plan of £100 deposit and £100 for 4 months, the total amount payable for the course remains £500, spread over a maximum period of 5 months. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 0%

The 0% Payment Plan is an internal arrangement offered by McArthurMorgan, without the involvement of any external financial providers. This option is exclusively available for the tuition fees of McArthurMorgan courses.

*Correct at time of publication. CBA assessment and AAT registration fees are subject to change. Visit the AAT website for more information.

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